AHM Alco RS-2

The artwork illustration of a Santa Fe RS-2 appeared in AHM’s 1967 product catalog. The introduction of this Alco road switcher came in 1969. The AHM model was built in Yugoslavia and shares design features with other similarly made locos in AHM’s line (Alco 1000, FP45, Century 628 and and others). The 1969 retail was $9.98 for the powered model offered in six roads: Erie Lackawanna, Monon, New York Central, Pennsylvania Railroad, Santa Fe, and Union Pacific.

Model Railroader reviews AHM’s RS2 in its September 1969 issue. The review points out the model appears tooled for the train set market, but has application for serious hobbyists. Model Railroader found the AHM RS2 capable of a top scale speed of 150 mph!

Alco build the prototype RS-2 diesel road switcher between 1946 and 1950. The 1,500-hp diesel saw sales to a number of U.S. and Canadian railroads. Many of the AHM examples are fairly close to prototype origins, though there are some diversions, such as the red-and-silver Warbonnet Santa Fe example.

AHM’s RS-2 Roster


Burlington Northern RS-2
No. 16354




Central of New Jersey RS-2
No. 5131-M
No. 5131-MD (powered and dummy)
No. 5131-13



Erie Lackawanna RS-2
No. 5134 -1969 release
No. 5131-E
No. 5131-05
No. 16353


Louisville & Nashville RS-2
No. 5131-J -1972 release
No. 5131-10



Monon RS-2
No. 5133 -1969 release
No. 5131-D
No. 5131-DD (powered and dummy)
No. 5131-04




New York Central RS-2
No. 5135 -1969 release
No. 5131-F
No. 5131-FD (powered and dummy)
No. 5131-06



Penn Central RS-2
No. 5131-H
No. 5131-08



Pennsylvania Railroad RS-2
No. 5131 -1969 release
No. 5131-B
No. 5131-BD (powered and dummy)
No. 5131-02



Santa Fe (freight scheme) RS-2
No. 5132 -1969 release
No. 5131-C
No. 5131-CD (powered and dummy)
No. 5131-03



Santa Fe (red-and-silver Warbonnet) RS-2
No. 16361





Southern Pacific RS-2
No. 5131-L

No. (powered and dummy)



Southern Railway RS-2
No. 5131 -1969 release
No. 5131-B
No. 5131-KD (powered and dummy)
No. 5131-02



Union Pacific RS-2
No. 5136 -1969 release
No. 5131-G
No. 5131-07
No. 16351