A late-1974 arrival to AHM’s roster, the HO-scale EMD FT-A unit had a short life with the hobby company. By 1980, AHM no longer lists this FT diesel model. The model came to AHM from Kader, Bachmann’s parent company, and was produced in Taiwan for its appearance with AHM. The drive found in AHM’s FT diesel is an 8-wheel type that resembles the early 1970s Bachmann F9 diesel drive in many respects. The chassis, including fuel tank, was a Zamac casting for this AHM production. You can easily identify AHM FTs from their Bachmann counterparts by the AHM name cast into the bottom of the fuel tank. The FT model joined Bachmann’s catalog in the late 1970s. By the time of its arrival with Bachmann, all-wheel drives and Zamac chassis construction had given way to single-truck power and plastic chassis. More recent Bachmann FT offerings, since the early 2000s, include a new all-wheel drive mechanism. Bachmann also provided an FT B-unit companion for its FT A-unit that was not available in the 1970s from either AHM or Bachmann.

AHM FT diesel receives a review in the January 1975 issue of Railroad Modeler magazine with a sliver Chicago, Burlington & Quincy example. The review states AHM was offering its FT decorated for Atlantic Coast Line; Amtrak; Chicago, Burlington & Quincy; Santa Fe; Spirit of ’76; and Union Pacific. This is the only known reference for an AHM Santa Fe and Spirit of ’76 FT model and neither road name appears to have been produced for AHM. Bachmann did introduce its FT with a red-and-silver Warbonnet painted Santa Fe example.

AHM’s EMD FT Roster


Amtrak FT
No. 5080-C -1974 release



Atlantic Coast Line FT
No. 5080-F -1974 release



Union Pacific FT
No. 5080-D -1974 release