AHM’s HO-scale SW1 diesel switcher arrives in 1976 and a review of the model is in Railroad Model Craftsman’s September 1976 edition. The reviewer states, when compared to blueprints, AHM’s SW1 is over sized in nearly every direction. Railroad Modeler in its October 1976 issue reviews AHM’s SW1 and also points out some dimensional concerns. That review suggests the SW1 is a scale four feet too long.

Mehano produced this SW1 model in Yugoslavia for AHM. You will find origin marks are on the bottom of the model’s plastic fuel tank. An example examined for this website showed a raised AHM logo, RSO, ATEST, Z-75351, plus MADE IN YUGOSLAVIA.  Power for this HO SW1 was a 3-pole motor housed in the center of the plastic frame with a drive rod running to the front truck. The model employed traction tires to aid in pulling power, you’ll also discover three die-cast metal weights (two on each end of the frame and one in the fuel tank) on this model. A close relative of the AHM SW1 has been offered over the years by Model Power.

By the early 1980s, AHM introduced a revised SW1 switcher with a brakeman figure standing out on the unit’s front porch area.  The brakeman holds a lighted lantern, which is actually a red bulb. This page presents the standard SW1 releases, as well as the 1980s brakeman with lantern versions. Of curious note, AHM’s labeling on the box for this 1980s release is called, “EMD SW-1 Loco with Breakman,” rather than “Brakeman” as might be more accurate.

AHM’s EMD SW1 Roster


Baltimore & Ohio SW1
No. 5016-02




Chicago & North Western SW1
No. 5014-B -1976 release
No. 5014-02



Conrail SW1
No. 5016-03 (brakeman with lantern)




Illinois Central SW1
No. 5014-F -1976 release
No. 5014-06
No. 5016-06



Maryland & Pennsylvania SW1
No. 5016-04





Pennsylvania Railroad SW1
No. 5016-03



Santa Fe SW1
No. 5014-E -1976 release
No. 5014-05
No. 16111 (switcher with caboose)



Southern Railway SW1
No. 5014-G -1976 release
No. 5014-07
No. 5016-05
No. 16151 (brakeman with lantern)


Southern Pacific SW1
No. 16152 (brakeman with lantern)