AHM FEF 3 Northern 4-6-4

New to the AHM line in 1980 and constructed by Rivarossi or as AHM often advertised, “Exclusivelly Engineered and Handcrafted for A.H.M. by Rivarossi.”  The model has survived well past the end of the AHM line with offerings under IHC Hobby’s name in the 1980s, as well as Rivarossi’s own name in North America.

AHM’s FEF 3 Northern 4-6-4 Roster


Union Pacific No. 8444 (black) Northern 4-6-4
No. 5098-03 -1980 release
No. 17311

Union Pacific No. 836 (two-tone gray “Overland Limited” scheme) Northern 4-6-4
No. 5098-02 -1980 release
No. 17312