AHM GE GG-1 Electric

AHM’s GG-1 is featured in Model Railroader’s “Trade Topics” column in the May 1970 edition of the magazine. The then-new HO-scale GG-1 imported by AHM is reviewed beginning on page 19. The GG-1 was built by Rivarossi in Italy for AHM. The prototype GG-1 was a General Electric offering sold originally to the Pennsylvania Railroad beginning in 1934. By 1943, G.E. had produced 139 GG-1s.

The final year AHM catalogs the GG-1 is in its 1981 product catalog. Rivarossi of Italy, who manufactured this model for AHM, did sell GG-1 models under its own name following the early ’80s departure of this electric from AHM’s roster.

Though some many assume IHC’s GG-1 offerings are the same model as the former AHM-Rivarossi, this is not the case. IHC’s GG-1 comes from the Pemco toolings.

AHM’s GE GG-1 Electric Roster


Amtrak (black) GG-1
No. 5160-K -1976 release





Amtrak (silver and red with blue stripe) GG-1
No. 5160-D
No. 5160-04



Amtrak (U.S. savings bond) GG-1
No. 5160-05





Centennial Blue – American Railroads GG-1
No. 5160-F



Conrail Bicentennail GG-1
No. 5160-30




Penn Central GG-1
No. 5160-E -1976 release




Pennsylvania Railroad (Black Jack) GG-1
No. 5161-D -1977 release





Pennsylvania Railroad (Brunswick Green) GG-1
No. 5161-C
 No. 17012



Pennsylvania Railroad (Tuscan Red) GG-1
No. 5160-B
No. 5160-02
No. 17011


Pennsylvania Railroad (Single Yellow Stripe) GG-1
No. 5161-12
No. 17013




Pennsylvania Railroad (Silver) GG-1
No. 5161-H
No. 5161-08




Spirit of ’76
No. 5161-B
No. 5161-02