This six-axle General Electric (GE) U-Boat was introduced in the 1965 with three road names: Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, Northern Pacific, Pennsylvania Railroad. Built by Rivarossi for AHM, the U25-C model originally sold for $16.95 for the powered version.
You’ll find a review of the original AHM U25-C in the June 1966 issue of Model Railroader.  The review is positive of the model and notes its scale speed range was 6 mph to 170 mph.  The review does point out the weakness of the thick metal stamped handrails and knocks the deep flanges.

The 1977 retail for the U25-C was $39.98.  AHM also offered a set with a powered and non-powered example in the 1970s that retailed for $49.96.

By the 1980 AHM catalog, the U25-C is gone. Rivarossi did offer this model again in the 1980s under its own name.  Research indicates Rivarossi’s offering did not include any road names different from those produced for AHM.

The original buyers of General Electric’s U25C included: Atlantic Coast Line (ACL); Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q); Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad (L&SI); Louisville & Nashville; Northern Pacific; Oro Dam Project; and Pennsylvania Railroad. GE built 113 examples of the U25C between September 1963 and December 1965. The single lens nose headlight makes this U25C model’s shell correct in general for Northern Pacific. Louisville & Nashville; LS&I; Pennsylvania Railroad and Oro Dam U25C diesels had no nose headlight. The ACL and CB&Q U25C diesels had a two lens headlight on their noses.

General Electric’s production of U25C diesels included three phases, according to a review of this model in the January/February 1993 edition of Diesel Era magazine. The AHM model includes the larger fuel tank, which was not part of the Phase I features. The louvers located behind the cab on the long hood appear to put the shell in Phase II territory. Owners of the Phase II body, included ACL, Oro Dam, LS&I, and Northern Pacific. Given the already noted Northern Pacific single lens nose headlight, the Rivarossi-made shell represents the NP’s Phase II U25C example. Northern Pacific purchased two groups of U25Cs from GE. The first set, numbered 2500-2514 were Phase II bodies. These NP U25C’s would survive into the Burlington Northern era in the 1970s. The Phase III U25C is noted as the most common by Diesel Era magazine.

AHM’s U25C Roster


Chicago, Burlington & Quincy U25C
No. 5056 -1965 release
No. 5054-D
No. 5054-04



Louisville & Nashville U25C
No. 5056-G -1973 release
No. 5054-GD (powered and dummy)
No. 5054-04



Northern Pacific U25C
No. 5055 -1965 release
No. 5054-C
No. 5054-CD (powered and dummy)
No. 5054-03


Pennsylvania Railroad U25C
No. 5054 -1965 release
No. 5054-B
No. 5054-02



Santa Fe U25C
No. 5054-E
No. 5054-05


Seaboard Coast Line U25C
No. 5055-F -1973 release
No. 5054-FD (powered and dummy)
No. 5054-06


Simulated Gold U25C
No. 5058