AHM Santa Fe S1 2-10-2

Listed as a new item carrying a May 1967 delivery date and included in the 1966-67 product catalog, AHM’s 2-10-2 Santa Fe Class S-1 steam locomotive in only known to have been offered lettered for Baltimore & Ohio. The late-1960s introductory price was $34.95. By 1977, this HO-scale model carried a $99.98 price tag; furthered to $249.98 by 1980. This Rivarossi-made model is not included in the AHM line after its 1980 catalog appearance.

AHM’s Santa Fe S1 2-10-2 Roster

Baltimore & Ohio Santa Fe S1 2-10-2

No. 5099 -1967 release
No. 5099-B
No. 5099-02 -1980 release