Models of steam, diesel, and electric locomotives have been produced by numerous manufacturers over the years.


Pemco EMD F9A

Pemco EMD F9A

Nearly every hobby manufacturer has marketed an F-unit, just as nearly every railroad rostered one. Pemco added to the HO F-unit world with its F9A in 1980.

Pemco EMD SD35

Pemco EMD SD35

Pemco’s only six-axle diesel locomotive model was this EMD SD35. In addition to a variety of U.S. railroad paint schemes, this model also came decorated for Canada’s Ontario Northland.

Pemco EMD F40PH (FP-40)

Pemco EMD F40PH (FP-40)

You’ll find reference by Pemco to its F40PH model as an “FP-40,” this four-axle 1970s EMD passenger diesel came in Amtrak and Burlington Northern.

Pemco Alco Century 430

Pemco Alco Century 430

The second plastic Alco Century 430 for the HO market came from Pemco in 1980.

Atlas  EMD FP7

Atlas EMD FP7

The only first-generation EMD diesel in Atlas’ mid-1970s run of Roco-made HO models was this FP7.

Atlas  EMD GP38

Atlas EMD GP38

A second GP38 diesel model came to Atlas’ line in 1977 and provided a low-nose prototype. This was the last new tooling effort from Roco to join Atlas’ line in the 1970s.

Atlas  EMD GP40

Atlas EMD GP40

EMD’s 3,000-hp GP40 served as the prototype fourth Atlas HO-scale diesel locomotive model in 1976.

Atlas  EMD High-Nose GP38

Atlas EMD High-Nose GP38

Atlas’ first four-axle diesel from its mid-1970s collection of Roco-made models was this high-hood GP38.

Atlas  EMD SD35

Atlas EMD SD35

The second HO-scale diesel model from Atlas in the mid-1970s was the six-axle SD35 of 1975.

Atlas  EMD SD24

Atlas EMD SD24

The first HO-scale diesel locomotive model sold by Atlas in North America was this SD24 of 1975.