AHM 40-foot Boxcar -Rivarossi

Produced by Rivarossi in Itlay for AHM’s line, this 40-foot sliding-door boxcar model was among the longest serving models offered by the hobby importer. The model arrives in the early 1960s and had been available from the late 1950s via Rivarossi. Tooling variations include models with separate ladders and examples with ladders molded on as part of the plastic shell tooling.

Bangor & Aroostook (State of Maine scheme)
No. 5279-H

Boston & Maine 
No. 5279-D

Central of New Jersey 
No. 5279-J

Denver & Rio Grande Western 
No. 5279-E

Great Northern
No. 5279-B


Illinois Central 

Minneapolis & St. Louis 

National Cylinder Gas 

New Haven 

New York Central
No. 5279-K

Nickel Plate Road 
No. 5279-C

Northern Pacific 
No. 5279-A

Penn Central 
No. 5279-I

Santa Fe 
No. 5279-F

Western Maryland 
No. 5279-G