AHM 40-foot Wood-Sheathed Boxcar

This is a single-sheathed wood side box car, similar in design to the 40-foot steel sliding door box car made by Rivarossi in Italy for AHM. The Artic Oil example in my collection includes, “Made in Yugoslavia” on the box. The car’s underframe has what appears to be the cursive-writing, “Rivarossi” logo, but that logo and the section next to it are raised blank areas. The model weighes 1.55 ounces and measures 41-feet in length. The door is 6.5-feet wide and looks similar to the Youngstown design and separately applied and working. The door rides in a pair of metal track guides. The running board is a separately applied plastic piece and includes what appears to be steel tread construction. The laterals at end of the running board are cast on the roof of the model. The roof appears to be a Murphy pattern. The ends are a 3/4 dreadnaught design. The brake wheel and ladders are all separately applied.

Arctic Oil 
No. 5239-B

Baltimore & Ohio 
No. 5239-B

Denver & Rio Grande Western 
No. 5239-D

Northern Pacific 
No. 5239-E