AHM 50-foot Combination-Door Boxcar

All examples of this model examined include raw black plastic running boards on the roof. This Yugoslavian-made 50-foot combination-door boxcar was also available from IHC Hobby, Mehano, and Model Power over the years, since AHM departed the hobby market. AHM offered the model first in the 1970s and it remained in the hobby importer’s line into the early 1980s.


Burlington Northern


CP Rail 
No. 5422-C
No. 5422-03

Grand Trunk Western 

Louisville & Nashville 
No. 5422-F
No. 5422-06

Maine Central 
No. 5422-D
No. 5422-04

Northern Pacific 
No. 5422-B
No. 5422-02

No. 5422-E
No. 5422-05

Union Pacific 
No. 5422-07