AHM 50-foot Plug-Door Boxcar

The red-roof Frosted Flakes car with straight sill is a product of Roco of Austria for AHM. The blue-roof Frosted Flakes car is Kader’s modernized 50-foot plug-door boxcar tooling and also served in AHM’s promotional Kellogg’s train sets.

AHM 50-foot Plug-Door Boxcar

The 50-foot plug-door boxcar is a common freight car type found in many HO-scale train lines. Reviewing AHM’s examples offered over the years shows variations in tooling among the models sold and in general this model wasn’t common for the line until a Kader-made run appeared in the late 1970s. AHM’s 1979 Christmas Car and the cars carrying the 12000-series numbering all feature squared stirrup steps and other details that mirror examples found in Bachmann’s releases. The mentioned holiday car and the 12000-series cars were made in Taiwan for AHM at a plant no longer in the Kader family.

AHM’s promotional Hood, Keebler, red-roof Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, and Woolworth cars all share a similar design. These cars are Austrian made by Roco. Note however a variation, the red-roof Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes has no slots in the shell along the sill for the underframe to snap in place. Though a very common car in many lines, no known general release for the Austrian-made 50-foot Plug-Door Boxcar is known in AHM’s line. The car was only found in promotional sets.

AHM 50-foot Plug-Door Boxcar Roster

Christmas 1979 
No. 5582-10

Hood Dairies

Iowa Beef 
No. 12021


Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes 
No. 5487
No. 5467-B

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes
No. 5581-04

Louisville & Nashville (Dixie Line) 
No. 5582-10

McCloud River 
No. 5282-04
No. 5486-01

Middletown & New Jersey 
No. 5582-05
No. 12023

Minnesota, Dakota & Western 
No. 12022

Providence & Worcester 
No. 12024

Woolworth 50-foot Plug-Door Boxcar