AHM Vinegar Car

The vinegar car model sold by AHM came from Roco in Austria. The car used a 40-foot underframe that served under other Roco-made HO-scale freight car models. The friction truck sideframes came with plastic wheels with metal axles and X2f couplers came mounted on the trucks. The trucks snapped into the underframe, which itself included open slots on the ends over the coupler area that allow the frame to accept a tab protruding down from the plastic body shell. The well detailed vinegar car shell was a single piece tooling with the brake wheel representing the only separately applied detail. While the vinegar car does have a prototype, as with other freight cars of this time you’ll find some liberties taken and simplifications made to produce this basic model release.

AHM Vinegar Car Roster


No. 5428-C

Milwaukee Vinegar

No. 5428-B

S.B.I.X. Standard Brands

No. 5428-D

Hinkley & Schmidt

No. 5428-E