AHM Alco Century 628

New for AHM in 1982 is this model of Alco’s Century 628 diesel locomotive. This version of this big six-axle Alco may be a record holder in HO-scale models. Besides AHM, this same Century 628 tooling was in Life-Like, Model Power, IHC-Hobby’s catalog too. Life-Like is the first North American hobby company to import this Yugoslavian-made Century 628. The model served on the cover of AHM’s 1982 product catalog. A number of early 1980s train sets, including a U.S. Army release, employed this Century 628 for motive power.

The real Alco Century 628 diesel locomotives were built between 1963 and 1967 and purchased originally by Atlantic Coast Line, Chihuahua Pacific, Delaware & Hudson, Ferrocarril del Pacifico, Hamersley Iron of Australia, Louisville & Nashville, Lehigh Valley, Monon, NdeM, Norfolk & Western, Pennsylvania Railroad and Southern Pacific. This list of actual owners leaves AHM’s collection of offerings all in the non-prototype fantasy league of models.

AHM’s Century 628 Roster


Burlington Northern Century 628




Santa Fe Century 628
No. 16502 (powered with caboose)
No. 16722 (powered and dummy)



Union Pacific Century 628
No. 16501 (powered with caboose)
No. 16721 (powered and dummy)


U.S. Army Century 628
No. 5020-04
No. C90125