AHM Berkshire 2-8-4


One of the many Rivarossi Italian-made models in the AHM line, the 2-8-4 Berkshire was available in your choice of Nickel Plate Road and Pere Marquette, when new in the late 1960s and then sold for $27.95. The 1977 AHM price list has this HO Berkshire retailing for $79.98, the 1980 price is $229.98. AHM’s Berkshire makes a final appearance in the company’s 1981 product catalog. Rivarossi made an N-scale version that was originally sold in North America by MRC (Model Rectifier Corp.).

AHM’s Berkshire 2-8-4 Roster

American Railroads Berkshire 2-8-4

No. 5061-E
No. 5061-05

Chesapeake & Ohio Berkshire 2-8-4
No. 5061-E
No. 5061-05

Nickel Plate Road Berkshire 2-8-4
No. 5061 -1965 release
No. 5061-B
No. 5061-02
No. 17241

Pere Marquette Berkshire 2-8-4
No. 5062 -1965 release
No. 5061-C
No. 5061-03
No. 17242

Richmond, Fredricksburg & Potomac Berkshire 2-8-4
No. 5061-06
No. 17243

Simulated Gold Berkshire 2-8-4
No. 5063