AHM Birney/Brill Trolley

AHM’s Brill Trolley appears with an Introductory Offer advertisement in the February 1976 edition of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. Three examples are pictured (Third Ave., Public Service, and Municipal Railway) with a retail of $10.98 and an introductory special offer of $8.88 each. The AHM ad states the model may be operated from overhead catenary or from regular HO-scale track. AHM’s model was produced in Yugoslavia and was labeled Birney and Brill during its years with the company’s catalog. The powered trolley included a pantograph on its roof, AHM also offered a trailer trolley with no electrical equipment details on its roof.

AHM’s Birney/Brill Trolley Roster

Connecticut Company Birney/Brill Trolley

No. 5301-E 

Municipal Railway Birney/Brill Trolley
No. 5301-C 

Philadelphia Transit Birney/Brill Trolley
No. 5301-D
No. 5301-04
No. 16951

Public Service Company Birney/Brill Trolley
No. 5301-B 

Third Avenue Railway System Birney/Brill Trolley
No. 5301-G

United Transit Birney/Brill Trolley
No. 5301-F
No. 5301-06
No. 16952