AHM Bowker 2-4-0

Found in AHM’s 1967-68 product catalog sharing the page with other Old-Time Steam Locomotive-series models Genoa and Reno, the Bowker 2-4-0 sold originally for $15.95 and is shown available only in Virginia & Truckee livery. You’ll find the model reviewed in the June 1967 issue of Model Railroader. The review points out the 2-4-0 Bowker is too large in most all of its dimensions.

In promoting this model, prototype information provided stated this was a wood burner, which may be noted by the large funnel-shaped smoke stack, as well as the molded plastic wood in model’s tender. Baldwin built this 2-4-0 steam locomotive for Virginia & Truckee in 1875 and it got its Bowker name from one of the road’s engineers.

Following it appearance in AHM line in the 1960s and 1970s, this Rivarossi model returned in the 1980s as an import from IHC. It’s retail in the early 1980s was $49.98 under IHC release.

AHM’s Bowker 2-4-0 Roster

Bowker 2-4-0
Beauford & Moorehead

Bowker 2-4-0
Belfast & Moorehead 

Bowker 2-4-0
Kansas City & St. Louis

Bowker 2-4-0
Virginia & Truckee
No. 5072 -1967 Release
No. 5072-B
No. 5072-02
No. 17111

Bowker 2-4-0
Western & Atlantic

Bowker 2-4-0
York & Peach Bottom 

Going by AHM parts sheet information, there are three production variations to the Bowker. The first pair of pages above present the original 1967 production, next comes two pages covering 1971 production, and finally the last page covers 1974-77 production. This information shows the Bowker carrying AHM stock series number 5072 for both the original and 1971 releases, but switches to 5272 for 1974-77.