AHM’s Diesel Dancer

AHM’s Diesel Dancer train set dates to around 1970. This basic HO-scale train set came with a circle of brass track and power pack. The locomotive on the point of AHM’s Diesel Dancer was the Mehano-made Plymouth MDT diesel switcher. Rolling stock appears to also be Yugoslavian-made Mehano releases: 50-foot outside-braced gondola, in-transit heated tank car, and standard cupola steel caboose. AHM listed eight road names available for this offering: Baltimore & Ohio (#69325), Illinois Central (#69322), New Haven (#69326), Penn Central (#69327), Pennsylvania Railroad (#69320), Reading (#69323), Santa Fe (#69321). The pictured Diesel Dancer set comes from an AHM catalog (#CA-11D) and shows the B&O version of the set.