Announced in AHM’s 1967-68 Catalog as coming for the fall of 1967, EMD’s famous passenger locomotive was introduced in five road names (Chesapeake & Ohio, Illinois Central, Pennsylvania Railroad, Union Pacific, and Wabash) with a suggested list price of $14.95. The model was listed by AHM as an E8, but also noted as an E9 in some catalogs; differences between the two prototypes are such that AHM was able to label this unit as either an E8 or E9.

Rivarossi in Italy made the E8A model for AHM.  In later years, Rivarossi sold this model under its own name in the United States. To my knowledge, AHM never offered the E8 B-unit. The B-unit was introduced in the mid/late 1980s, following Rivarossi’s departure from the AHM line, and came from IHC Hobby.

As is this website’s practice, there is no speculation with respect to stock numbers/releases. The non-powered E-units listed above are all that have found actually documented by AHM in product listings. Adding a “D” to the end of the stock number was AHM’s method for noting a dummy example. The dummy E8 sold for $12.98 in 1977. Powered examples are listed at $24.98 each in 1977.


No. 5121-T -1974 release

Baltimore & Ohio
No. 5121-H -powered
No. 5121-HD -dummy

Burlington Northern
No. 5121-J -powered
No. 5121-JD -dummy

Chesapeake & Ohio
No. 5123
No. 5121-C -powered
No. 5121-CD -dummy

Erie Lackawanna
No. 5121-K -powered -1974 release
No. 5121-KD -dummy -1974 release

Illinois Central
No. 5121-D -powered
No. 5121-DD -dummy

The Milwaukee Road
No. 5121-M -powered -1974 release
No. 5121-MD -dummy -1974 release

New York Central
No. 5121-21

Northern Pacific
No. 5121-F -powered
No. 5121-FD -dummy

Pennsylvania Railroad (Brunswick Green)
No. 5121-S -powered
No. 5121-SD -dummy



Pennsylvania Railroad (Tuscan Red)
No. 5121-R -powered
No. 5121-RD -dummy

Santa Fe
No. 5121-P -powered
No. 5121-PD -dummy

Southern Railway
No. 5121-N -powered
No. 5121-ND -dummy

Southern Pacific
No. 5121-N -powered -1974 release

Union Pacific
No. 5125
No. 5121-E -powered
No. 5121-ED -dummy

No. 5121-B -powered
No. 5121-BD -dummy

Simulated Gold
No. 5126