AHM Double-Door Wood Boxcar

AHM’s 40-foot Double-Door Wood Box Car is product of Yugoslavia. This same model has been imported and among the product lines of Model Power and IHC Hobby, since AHM’s departure in the early 1980s.

AHM Double-Door Wood Boxcar Roster

Missouri-Kansas-Texas Double-Door Wood Boxcar
No. 5298-D

Minneapolis & St. Louis Double-Door Wood Boxcar
No. 5298-F


Minneapolis & St. Louis (billboard scheme) Double-Door Wood Boxcar
No. 5298-E
No. 5298-06
No. 12052

New Haven Double-Door Wood Boxcar
No. 5298-H
No. 5298-08
No. 12053

Pennsylvania Railroad Double-Door Wood Boxcar
No. 5298-B
No. 5298-02
No. 12051

Rutland Double-Door Wood Boxcar
No. 5298-G
No. 5298-07
No. 12054

Santa Fe Double-Door Wood Boxcar
No. 5298-c
No. 5298-03