AHM French Pacific 4-6-2

A 1973 AHM catalog includes this “Foreign Prototype Locomotive” available in three different schemes. Here is what AHM’s catalog states for this French Pacific, “Beautiful reproduction of the 4-6-2 French steam locomotive 231 E of the SNCF used for express train service. Very finely detailed valve distribution. Twin front headlamps. Very powerful. European Prototype equipment is available in limited quantities direct from AHM, however, first we suggest you contact your local hobby dealer. Catalog CA-R on Rivarossi European Prototype available direct from AHM for 50 cents.”
AHM’s 6-1-73 price list shows this model retailing for $39.98. AHM’s 8-1-77 price list shows the French Pacific retailing for $119.98.
In addition to its HO model, Rivarossi also produced this European-style Pacific 4-6-2 steam locomotive in O-scale (1/48th). AHM is not know to have imported Rivarossi’s O-scale French Pacific, but it did appear in the early/mid-1980s from IHC. Production of this 1982 O-scale version is noted in IHC ads as limited to 50 examples (#7300, MSRP: $2,499.98) for the U.S. market.

AHM’s French Pacific 4-6-2 Roster

SCNF (Black) French Pacific 4-6-2
No. R1336 -1973 release

NORD (Brown) French Pacific 4-6-2
No. R1337 -1973 release

Green and Black French Pacific 4-6-2
No. R1341 -1973 release