AHM’s Overland Express

Included in AHM’s 1968 catalog supplement publication, you’ll find two Thunder Line train sets. The 0-6-0 steam locomotive was a new model when this 1968 Thunder Line set arrived in AHM’s catalog. The set’s freight cars and caboose appear to be Roco-made models from Austria. The freight cars included a 40-foot sliding door boxcar, 40-foot plug door boxcar, single-dome chemical tank car, 40-foot gondola, four-bay offset-side hopper, and standard steel caboose. It is not know how consistent the road names were in this release.

AHM listed six road names for its Overland Express train set: Baltimore & Ohio (#59361); Canadian National (#59355); Chicago, Burlington & Quincy; Chicago Great Western (#59364); Pennsylvania Railroad (#59360); and Union Pacific (#59362). The illustration AHM used showed a Pennsy 0-6-0 leading the train with an Illinois Central caboose.