AHM Plymouth MDT Switcher

The first appearance of AHM’s little HO-scale Plymouth MDT Switcher appears in the spring of 1965. The model original retailed for $5.95 and was presented in five road names: Illinois Central, Pennsylvania Railroad, Reading, Santa Fe, Union Pacific. In addition to this HO version, AHM also offered an N-scale, as well as O-scale reproduction for this industrial diesel in its catalog. This Yugoslavian-made model served many years in AHM’s line and similar models appeared in the catalogs of American, Train & Track; Bachmann; and TYCO.

AHM’s Plymouth MDT Switcher Roster


Baltimore & Ohio Plymouth MDT Switcher
No. 5001-07

No. 5001-G


Conrail Plymouth MDT Switcher
No. 5001-10



Firefox Plymouth MDT Switcher



New Haven Plymouth MDT Switcher
No. 5001-H

No. 5001-H+C (switcher with caboose)
No. 5001-08





Illinois Central Plymouth MDT Switcher
No. 5003 -1965 release



Penn Central Plymouth MDT Switcher
No. 5001-I

No. 5001-09



Pennsylvania Railroad Plymouth MDT Switcher
No. 5001 -1965 release

No. 5001-B
No. 5001-02



Reading Plymouth MDT Switcher
No. 5004 -1965 release

No. 5001-E
No. 5001-05


Santa Fe Plymouth MDT Switcher
No. 5001-07

No. 5001-G


Union Pacific Plymouth MDT Switcher
No. 5005 -1965 release

No. 5001-F
No. 5001-F+C (switcher with caboose)
No. 5001-06