AHM Reno 4-4-0

The Reno steam engine is pictured with its Genoa and Bowker companions in AHM’s Oldtime Steam Locomotives group in the 1967-68 catalog.  You could take one home for $18.95 in Viriginia & Truckee paint only in the late 1960s.  By 1980, the asking price was $79.98 for this model.

AHM’s Reno 4-4-0 Roster

Kansas City, St. Louis & Chicago Reno 4-4-0
No. 5070-C
No. 5070-03

Virginia & Truckee Reno 4-4-0
No. 5070
No. 5070-B
No. 5070-02
No. 17131