AHM Heisler Two-Truck

The Heisler in its two-truck version was introduced in late 1977 by AHM. The model was launched with a $79.99 introductory offer. The regular retail was $119.98, begining in 1978. RP-25 flanges were standard from the start and four road names were in the first production:  Coos Bay Timber, Deep River Logging, Pacific Lumber, and West Side Lumber. AHM adds two new road names (Lehigh Coal & Navigation and Tioga Lumber Co.), plus an Undecorated Two-Truck Heisler to its catalog in 1979. The retail price moved to $149.98, but an introductory $99.98 offering was made for a short time. AHM’s Two-Truck Heisler sold for $179.98 in 1980. The 1981 AHM catalog only includes the Two-Truck Heisler. No Heisler steam engines are found beginning with AHM’s 1982 catalog.

AHM’s Heisler Two-Truck Roster


Coos Bay Timber Heisler Two-Truck
No. 5168-C -1977 release
No. 5168-03 -1979 release

Deep River Logging Heisler Two-Truck
No. 5168-D -1977 release
No. 5168-04 -1979 release
No. 17712

Lehigh Coal & Navigation Heisler Two-Truck
No. 5168-06 -1979 release


Pacific Lumber Heisler Two-Truck
No. 5168-E -1977 release
No. 5168-05 -1979 release
No. 17711

West Side Lumber Heisler Two-Truck
No. 5168-B -1977 release
No. 5168-02 -1979 release


Undecorated Heisler Two-Truck
No. 5168-07 -1979 release