AHM Shifter 0-4-0

Built by Rivarossi, the 0-4-0 Shifter sold for $12.95 in the 1967-68 AHM catalog.  Originally, AHM included two roadnames for this model (B&O and UP).  The model is among the new products detailed in the November 1962 Trade Topics section of Model Railroader magazine.  The review states this model is based on a Baldwin prototype built in 1912 for the B&O.  The notice is good with the comment, “We found this model to be an excellent example of the clean, finely detailed work that can be done in plastics.”

AHM’s Shifter 0-4-0 Roster

Baltimore & Ohio Shifter 0-4-0

No. 5074
No. 5074-B
No. 5074-02

Chicago & North Western Shifter 0-4-0
No. 5074-D
No. 5074-04

New York, New Haven & Hartford Shifter 0-4-0
No. 5074-E
No. 5074-05

Santa Fe Shifter 0-4-0
No. 5079-D

Southern Pacific Shifter 0-4-0
No. 5075-C

Union Pacific Shifter 0-4-0
No. 5075
No. 5074-C
No. 5074-03

Simulated Gold Shifter 0-4-0
No. 5077