AHM Smoking Big Mike 2-8-2

Listed as NEW on the inside back cover of the 1981 AHM catalog, a set of four road names made up this collection (Chessie System, Santa Fe, Southern Railway, and Southern Pacific). This was the second Mikado 2-8-2 in AHM’s line. The first was produced by Rivarossi, while this version was a Yugoslavian-made loco. This smoking model was ready-to-run and included a matching caboose. Though AHM cataloged HO-scale steam locomotives from its earliest days, those with the built-in ability to generate smoke output were few.

AHM’s Smoking Big Mike 2-8-2 Roster

Alton Smoking Big Mike 2-8-2 

No. 16986 -1981 release

Chessie System Smoking Big Mike 2-8-2 
No. 16981 -1981 release

Great Northern Smoking Big Mike 2-8-2 
No. 16985 -1981 release

Santa Fe Smoking Big Mike 2-8-2 
No. 16983 -1981 release

Southern Railway Smoking Big Mike 2-8-2 
No. 16984 -1981 release

Southern Pacific Smoking Big Mike 2-8-2 
No. 16982 -1981 release