AHM A-3 0-4-0

Life-Like sold a similar model, if not the same one, imported from Yugoslovia beginning in the early 1970s. The model appears to follow a Pennsylvania Railroad prototype for its A-3 0-4-0 steam locomotive. This model was part of the AHM line starting in the 1970s.

AHM’s A-3 0-4-0 Roster

Baltimore & Ohio A-3 0-4-0

No. 5075-B
No. 5075-02

Chicago & North Western A-3 0-4-0
No. 5075-D
No. 5075-04

Conrail A-3 0-4-0
No. 5075-G
No. 5075-07

New York, New Haven & Hartford A-3 0-4-0
No. 5075-E
No. 5075-05

Southern Pacific A-3 0-4-0
No. 5075-C
No. 5075-03

No. 400 A-3 0-4-0
No. 5075-F
No. 5075-06