Athearn Alco PA-1

October 1970’s “Trade Topics” section of Model Railroader magazine details the new Athearn Alco PA-1/PB-1 diesel models. The models arrived at the same time. This release marks one of Athearn’s early efforts at presenting road-specific variations, as the PA-1 came with two styles of number boards. Athearn revises its PA-1/PB-1 tooling and it returns in 1991 with a newer drive and plastic cast sideframes for the trucks.

Athearn PA-1 Roster

Baltimore & Ohio
No. 3302 -Powered
No. 3322 -Dummy

Delaware & Hudson
No. 3308 -Powered
No. 3328 -Dummy

Athearn Alco PA Erie Lacakwanna

Erie Lackawanna
No. 3309 -Powered
No. 3329 -Dummy

Athearn Alco PA New York Central

New York Central
No. 3303 -Powered
No. 3323 -Dummy

Nickle Plate Road
No. 3310 -Powered
No. 3330 -Dummy

Pennsylvania Railroad
No. 3304 -Powered
No. 3324 -Dummy

Santa Fe
No. 3305 -Powered
No. 3325 -Dummy

Southern Pacific
No. 3306 -Powered
No. 3326 -Dummy

Union Pacific
No. 3307 -Powered
No. 3327 -Dummy

No. 3301 -Powered
No. 3321 -Dummy

Athearn Alco PA