Athearn EMD GP35

Athearn’s GP35 is part of group of EMD prototypes all arriving between 1965 and 1966 to the hobby manufacturer’s line. Originally six roads were produced for the Athearn GP35: Atlantic Coast Line; Baltimore & Ohio; Chicago, Burlington & Qunicy; Illinois Central; Santa Fe; and Southern Pacific. The Erie Lackawanna GP35 is released in 1971 and Athearn’s Chessie System GP35 follows not long after the 1972 creation of the merged B&O-C&O system. A Soo Line red-and-white GP35 arrives in 1979.

EMD had only just wrapped production on the GP35 in early 1966, when Athearn had its 1/87th example ready for hobbyists. The GP35 was a very popular prototype with more than 1,300 examples built by EMD from mid 1963 to the very beginning of 1966. The GP35 went through a number of changes or production phases. The original Athearn GP35 represents a Phase Ia example. This wider-than-prototype GP35 tooling was discontinued with the introduction of Athearn’s Ready To Roll GP35 offering, which uses a Rail Power shell as the basis for the model, of the early 2000s.

Athearn EMD GP35 Roster

Atlantic Coast Line 
No. 4201 Powered -1966 release
No. 4221 Dummy -1966 release

Baltimore & Ohio
No.  Powered -1966 release
No.  Dummy -1966 release

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 
No. 4203 Powered -1966 release
No. 4223 Dummy -1966 release

Chessie System (B&O) 
No. 4208 Powered – release
No. 4228 Dummy – release

Erie Lackawanna 
No. 4207 Powered -1971 release
No. 4227 Dummy -1971 release

Illinois Central 
No. 4204 Powered -1966 release
No. 4224 Dummy -1966 release

Santa Fe
No. 4205 Powered -1966 release
No. 4225 Dummy -1966 release

Soo Line
No. 4209 Powered – release
No. 4229 Dummy – release

Southern Pacific 
No. 4206 Powered -1966 release
No. 4226 Dummy -1966 release

No. 4200  Powered -1966 release
No. 4220 Dummy -1966 release