Atlas  EMD FP7

The FP7 was the last locomotive release manufactured by RoCo for Atlas Tool Co. in the 1970s.

Atlas EMD FP7

The last new diesel to be introduced by Atlas in the mid-1970s was an FP7.  Late 1975 saw four road names and an undecorated FP7 join the collection of EMD HO-scale prototypes in the Atlas collection. This FP7 tooling would enjoy the longest run with Atlas and would also serve as the basis for an E-R Imports offering.


No. 7044 -1975 release

Baltimore & Ohio
No. 7065 -1977 release

Burlington Northern
No. 7049 -1975 release

Penn Central
No. 7047 -1975 release

Pennsylvania Railroad
No. 7043 -1975 release

Santa Fe
No. 7041 -1975 release

Seaboard Coast Line
No. 7046 -1975 release

Soo Line
No. 7050 -1975 release

Union Pacific 
No. 7042 -1977 release


No. 7060 -1977 release