Atlas EMD High-Nose GP38

The November 1975 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine reviews the Atlas high-nose GP38 beginning on page 80 of that issue. A picture of the Canadian National example is found with the review. The review points out the incorrect bend in the handrails on the unit’s long hood. This was a repeated problem on certain Atlas-Roco diesels. The casting was simply reversed from the fireman’s side long hood handrailing and that doesn’t apply to the opposite engineer’s side as there is no step down on that side’s walkway. The Railroad Model Craftsman review also points out that the model includes a pair of riveted horizontal bands across the roofline of the unit around the exhaust stacks that are apparently not correct. It is also noted that the model features a rather oddly shaped fuel tank that would require some work to make more cosmetically pleasing and prototypically accurate.

Burlington Northern
No. 7022 -1975 release

Canadian National
No. 7023 -1975 release

Norfolk & Western
No. 7024 -1975 release

Santa Fe
No. 7021 -1975 release

No. 7025 -1975 release