Atlas EMD SD35

Railroad Model Craftsman’s September 1975 issue reviews Atlas’ SD35. Two pictures are included showing both sides of the Southern Pacific SD35 example. The review mentions the model’s incorrect “mirror-imaged” handrails that notch down on the engineer’s side of the unit’s long hood for a step that isn’t there on the walkway. The review also notes the steps coming from the cab are smooth and lacking step details.


Baltimore & Ohio
No. 7016 -1975 release

Chessie System
No. 7013 -1975 release

Penn Central
No. 7017 -1975 release

Pennsylvania Railroad
No. 7012 -1975 release

Santa Fe
No. 7011 -1975 release

Seaboard Coast Line
No. 7018 -1975 release

Southern Pacific
No. 7014 -1975 release

No. 7015 -1975 release