AT&T EMD FT Diesel

One of the debut diesels for American Train & Track’s (AT&T) line was this oddly proportioned example of Electro-Motive Division’s (EMD) FT diesel locomotive. Produced in Yugoslavia for AT&T, the FT A-unit came in powered and dummy versions. Four road names made up the FT collection and the model is dropped from the 1968-69 catalog, after making a non-appearance of sorts in the 1967-68 AT&T catalog. For that publication, stand-in models appear that might be Athearn F7s with additional portholes added to the sides of the body to somewhat better represent the early FT’s design. This FT diesel model is only known to have appeared in AT&T’s line and made a brief appearance in the Precision Miniatures line.

American Train & Track HO EMD FT Diesel Roster

Baltimore & Ohio
No. 48 (powered) -1967 Release
No. 28 (dummy) -1967 Release

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
No. 46 (powered) -1967 Release
No. 26 (dummy) -1967 Release

Pennsylvania Railroad
No. 45 (powered) -1967 Release
No. 25 (dummy) -1967 Release

Santa Fe
No. 47 (powered) -1967 Release
No. 27 (dummy) -1967 Release

Few models have only one appearance in the hobby. Most make comebacks, sometimes with improvements and sometimes with no changes. American Train & Track’s FT diesel also falls into the uncommon category of being a one-timer in the hobby market. However, following its late 1960s appearance with AT&T, this Yugoslavian-made FT saw release as a Precision Miniatures offering. This company was based in Brooklyn, New York, and is thought to be an Eastern U.S. distributor that perhaps took on surplus production or had another run produced for this FT model. In addition to offering this FT, you’ll find other offerings in Precision Miniatures boxes that appeared in the AT&T line.