Bachmann’s GP40 and Five Cars

1970’s EMD GP40 Hood Diesel and Five Cars

Part of the 1970 introduction of a full line of HO-scale model trains, Bachmann announces a pair of train sets. The company at this time produced two diesels: EMD’s F9A and GP40. Both diesels served in separate train sets in 1970 that included very unimaginative and straightforward names. The EMD GP40 Hood Diesel and Five Cars came with a power pack for $29.95 or minus the power pack for $22.95. The provided Bachmann’s GP40 and caboose in one of three available road names: Burlington, Penn Central, or Santa Fe. The freight cars included the hopper car, three-dome tank car, 40-foot boxcar, and gondola. A 36-inch circle of 18-inch radius brass track came with the set. This set’s last appearance in Bachmann’s catalog is 1972.

Noteworthy for collectors, Bachmann provided this set and the companion F9A train set in plastic tray packaging. The design was similar to N-scale model train packages with a clear acrylic cover snapped on a plastic base. This was a very uncommon approach to HO train set packaging, which traditionally came in a cardboard box. Bachmann is only known to have produced sets in plastic containers for its first few years.

Bachmann sold Plasticville USA structure kits beginning the 1950s for HO hobbyists, but the line didn’t expand into locomotives, rolling stock and additional items until 1970. You’ll find the first of the full line of HO-scale model trains listed in Bachmann’s 1970 catalog. However, the models shown are Bachmann’s N-scale releases serving as stand-ins for the new HO offerings. For 1971, the catalog included actual images of Bachmann’s HO-scale trains.