Bachmann FT

This FT diesel locomotive model reproduces General Motors’ early F-unit prototype. This was the second plastic FT A-unit on the HO market. The first came from American, Train & Track around 1970. This Kader-made FT sold originally in AHM’s catalog and joined Bachmann’s line in 1977. The model design provided a shell that fit Bachmann’s prior-release F9A diesel chassis, as such the FT shell is slightly longer than prototype. The model returned to Bachmann’s line around 2000 and saw a booster FT B-unit for the first time.

Bachmann FT Locomotive Roster

Amtrak FT Locomotive
No. 681 -1977 release

Amtrak (chrome plated) FT Locomotive
No. 701 -1978 release


Chicago, Burlington & Quincy FT Locomotive
No. 682 -1977 release

CP Rail FT Locomotive
No. 685 -1977 release


Santa Fe FT Locomotive
No. 680 (powered) -1977 release
No. 690 (non-powered) -1978 release
No. 780 (powered & non-powered set) -1979 release


Santa Fe (chrome plated) FT Locomotive
No. 686 (powered) -1977 release
No. 696 (non-powered) -1978 release
No. 786 (powered & non-powered set) -1979 release

Union Pacific FT Locomotive
No. 683 -1977 release
No. 781 (powered & non-powered set) -1979 release