Bachmann’s Twin EMD GP40 Diesel and Six Cars (1971-1975)

Bachmann’s Twin EMD GP40 Diesel and Six Cars was the third train set release to appear in the company’s annual product catalogs. The set debuted in 1971’s catalog with red Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q) GP40s. In addition to Burlingon (0254), the catalog lists CP Rail (0265), Penn Central (0251), and Santa Fe (0257) as road names offered. You’ll find CP Rail is only listed for 1971 through 1973.

The set carried a $37 suggested retail price in 1971 and included a 41-foot sliding door boxcars, 42-foot steel gondola, 42-foot three-dome tank car, 42-foot quad offset hopper, 56-foot Centerflow hopper, and 36-foot caboose. The image presented in Bachmann’s 1971 catalog shows three 42-foot sliding door boxcars and omits the quad hopper and Centerflow hopper; those hopper cars are included in the consist image beginning in 1972.

The set makes a final appearance in 1975 and carries the name The Twin Hauler.