Models of steam, diesel, and electric locomotives have been produced by numerous manufacturers over the years.

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Atlas  EMD FP7

Atlas EMD FP7

The only first-generation EMD diesel in Atlas’ mid-1970s run of Roco-made HO models was this FP7.

Atlas  EMD GP38

Atlas EMD GP38

A second GP38 diesel model came to Atlas’ line in 1977 and provided a low-nose prototype. This was the last new tooling effort from Roco to join Atlas’ line in the 1970s.

Atlas  EMD GP40

Atlas EMD GP40

EMD’s 3,000-hp GP40 served as the prototype fourth Atlas HO-scale diesel locomotive model in 1976.

Atlas  EMD High-Nose GP38

Atlas EMD High-Nose GP38

Atlas’ first four-axle diesel from its mid-1970s collection of Roco-made models was this high-hood GP38.

Atlas  EMD SD35

Atlas EMD SD35

The second HO-scale diesel model from Atlas in the mid-1970s was the six-axle SD35 of 1975.

Atlas  EMD SD24

Atlas EMD SD24

The first HO-scale diesel locomotive model sold by Atlas in North America was this SD24 of 1975.

Athearn EMD FP45

Athearn EMD FP45

One of two EMD cowl-body six-axle diesels that joined Athearn’s line in the 1970s was the FP45.

Athearn EMD SD45

Athearn EMD SD45

A member of Athearn’s class of ’66, the SD45 diesel was a long-serving “Blue Box” favorite.

Athearn EMD GP35

Athearn EMD GP35

Part of Athearn’s big expansion of diesel locomotive models of 1966, the four-axle GP35 was a popular EMD prototype and HO-scale miniature.

Athearn Baldwin S-12

Athearn Baldwin S-12

Athearn adds its only Baldwin diesel prototype to its line in 1974 with the release of the S-12 switcher.