Cox American Freight Express set

American Freight Express 
No. 6090 Santa Fe -1974 release
No. 6091 Chessie System -1974 release

This Cox train set first appeared in the company’s 1974 catalog, which also introduced the Hong Kong-made line of model trains that make up this release. The low-nose GP9 diesel locomotive model and wide-vision caboose came decorated for either Chessie System or Santa Fe in the American Freight Express offering. The rolling stock included Cox’s Burlington Northern 50-foot plug-door boxcar, 50-foot Santa Fe flatcar with Cox 40-foot trailer van load, 40-foot Frisco hopper, 40-foot Burlington sliding-door boxcar, and Boston & Maine 50-foot gondola.

This set included a truck with truck terminal dock, 24-piece sign & telephone pole set, 13 sections of curved track (18-inch radius), 7 sections of straight track, a rerailer track section, uncoupling track section, manual switch, bumper end track section, and power pack. The same two American Freight Express sets returned for Cox’s 1975 product catalog.