Cox’s 40-foot Boxcar

Not to be confused with the Athearn-made examples from the early 1970s, a similar boxcar model arrived in Cox’s line for 1974. Made in Hong Kong, this model presented a sliding door 40-foot boxcar. The U.S. cataloged separate sale releases included a red Chicago, Burlington & Quincy and a brown Northern Pacific. For a military-themed train set in 1976, Cox included a U.S. Army decorated 40-foot boxcar. The Canadian Cox line included more 40-foot boxcars, including a brown Canadian National, green CP Rail, yellow with black roof Ontario Northland, and Gusto billboard red, white, and green example from the Robin Hood promotional set, which was also listed as a separate sale release.

Canadian National

No. 612082 Canadian release

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy

No. 6120-6 -1974 release

CP Rail

No. 612083 Canadian release


No. 612084 Canadian release

Northern Pacific

No. 6120-5 -1974 release

Ontario Northland

No. 612081 Canadian release

U.S. Army

No. 6120-7 -1976 release