The Golden West by TYCO

One of TYCO’s 1890 era offerings to make the transition into the 1970s catalog was this “Golden West” set

The Golden West by TYCO

TYCO’s line of 1860- and 1890-era releases saw great utility during the 1960s with U.S. Civil War-themed sets offered in the early part of the decade, TV show-themed sets followed in the mid-1960s, and by the late 1960s, the train set remained in modest quantity in the line. New for 1969-70’s catalog was TYCO’s “Golden West” train set. Just two years prior in the company’s 1967-68 catalog, you’d find “The Disneylander,” “The Iron Horse,” and “The Petticoat Junction.” All three of those sets mixed the 1890 “Ten Wheeler” 4-6-0 steam locomotive and passenger cars (1890 Clerestory combine and coach) with 1860 water car, horse car, and platform car models in train sets promoting Walt Disney’s Southern California theme park and television series (then airing on NBC), CBS-TV’s “Petticoat Junction” series, and ABC-TV’s “The Iron Horse.” By 1968-69’s annual catalog, only “The Iron Horse” set (T6807 without power pack and T6827 with TYCO-PAK power) survived.

For 1969-70 TYCO presents a single “Old Time” or “Old West” theme train set and it’s “The Golden West” (T6907 without power pack and T6927 with TYCO-PAK power pack). This set included the 4-6-0 steam locomotive and tender, with white 1890 era combine and two brown with green roof 1890 era coach car models, plus track. The set returned in TYCO’s 1970-71 catalog and is then listed as being decorated for Santa Fe (7319 with power pack and 7219 without power pack). The set returns unchanged for 1971-72 and is joined by a second vintage prototype collection sold as TYCO’s “The Dixie Belle” train set. Both sets appear again in TYCO’s 1972-73 catalog, though “The Golden West” is then only listed with power pack (7319). “The Golden West” is back in 1973-74 and 1974-75 catalogs, but is absent in 1975-76.

ABOVE: Here’s a look inside the box for a late 1960s to early 1970s TYCO “Golden West” set

For its 50th anniversary catalog in 1976, TYCO again includes “The Golden West” (7321) and finds a place in the hobby company’s annual catalogs through 1979. While TYCO no longer features the 1860 and 1890 models beginning with its 1980 catalog, these offerings did see a return to the market via the second generation Mantua offerings that first arrive in the late 1970s.