Ulrich Hopper Cars

Ulrich produced several open hopper car models in its line of HO-scale freight car kits.

Ulrich Hopper Cars


ABOVE: This Western Maryland decorated example shows the rib-side version of Ulrich’s two-bay hopper car model.

The most prolific freight car type in Ulrich’s line was the open hopper. The first release, a two-bay rib-side car in 1948, was the company’s third car kit offered after the Track Cleaner Car and Composite Gondola. Ulrich produced variations for its two-bay hopper car that included peaked ends on select road names and later an offset-side version (debuting in 1951). Ulrich returned to hopper cars in 1957 with a three-bay, offset-side model. This bigger car, approximately 40-foot, reproduced a 70-ton prototype. The two earlier two-bay hoppers were shorter and represented 55-ton examples. The three-bay served with Ulrich’s elevated unloading ramp accessory.

The rid-side, two-bay hopper car model was offered in five road names in the 1950s, which included Reading (SH1), Lehigh Valley (SH2), Western Maryland (SH3), Pennsylvania Railroad (SH4), and Norfolk & Western (SH5). The Norfolk & Western example differed from the others in the collection as it came with peaked end sections.


ABOVE: Another two-bay hopper in the line was this offset-side example.

Ulrich’s two-bay hopper with offset sides came in seven road names during the 1950s. The offerings included Santa Fe (OH1), Baltimore & Ohio (OH2), Erie (OH3), Rock Island (OH4), Frisco (OH5), New York Central (OH6), and Milwaukee Road (OH7). Ulrich’s Frisco and Rock Island kits included peaked ends.

ABOVE: This three-bay, offset-side hopper car was Ulrich’s biggest example of this type of freight car and reproduced a 70-ton prototype.

Ulrich’s three-bay hopper car was available in 1957 and came with decorated sides for eight road names: Southern Pacific (TH1), Chesapeake & Ohio (TH2), Santa Fe (TH3), Baltimore & Ohio (TH4), Seaboard Air Line (TH5), Minneapolis & St. Louis (TH6), Erie (TH7), and New York Central (TH8).

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