Ulrich Trucks

This 1954 advertisement announced Ulrich’s metal truck and trailer line.

Ulrich Trucks

ABOVE: From an Ulrich 1959 ad, the Mack truck with Kraft Foods trailer was promoted as “the thinking man’s truck kit.”

Ulrich introduced its line of die-cast metal truck and trailer offerings in the mid-1950s. The truck styles included the flat-faced/cab over Mack and long-snoot Kenworth prototypes. These tractor truck kits came in 2- and 3-axle editions. Pairing these two trucks with a series of trailers, Ulrich got great utility from the pair of toolings.

ABOVE: Here’s Ulrich’s Kenworth tractor truck with Fruehauf trailer decorated for Denver-Chicago Trucking Co.

Ulrich’s trucking line presented the Kenworth tractor with Fruehauf 32-foot trailer in three decorations: Pacific Intermountain Express (1v2), Garrett Freightlines (1v3), and Denver-Chicago Trucking Co. (1v4). The same 32-foot Fruehauf trailer mated with a two-axle Mack tractor came in four versions: Mid-States (2V2), Associated Transport (2v3), Hennis (2v4), and Kraft Foods (2v5). The three-axle Mack tractor with trailer decorated for Safeway was Ulrich’s 3v1 release.

ABOVE: This Safeway release included a three-axle Mack tractor truck with Ulrich’s 32-foot trailer.

In addition to the 32-foot trailer, Ulrich offered a tanker trailer in two versions. A Kenworth tractor with tank trailer (1T1) and Mack tractor with Cities Service tanker (2T1) were offered.

ABOVE: The Mack truck paired with a tanker trailer came decorated in green and lettered for Cities Service.

Ulrich also offered an open stake trailer that was sold with a three-axle Kenworth (1F1), two-axle Mack (2F1), and three-axle Mack (3f1). The Kenworth truck also served in Ulrich’s dump truck and transfer trailer (1D1). The catalog also included an Accessory Kit (AC-1) selling for $1.50 that provided complete running gear (wheels, axles, bogeys, drive shaft air cleaner) for a three-axle tractor and two-axle trailer.

This popular line of trucks went on to serve in Walthers’ catalog in the 1970s and 1980s and saw many new decorations.


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