Lionel-HO GE U18B


In 1976, Lionel-HO introduces two new diesel locomotives for its line. One is an EMD GP30 featured in the manufacturer’s The Burlington (No. 5-2682) train set and the other is General Electric’s U18B. The little U18B diesel was a new offering on prototype rails, when Lionel added it to the company’s HO collection. The U18B did not receive inclusion in any known train set releases, but appeared among Lionel-HO’s separate sale diesel offerings beginning in 1976. This is one of the few plastic HO diesel models that saw only a single release and was limited to only one manufacturer.

CP Rail 
No. 5-5521

Soo Line 
No. 5-5520

Rio Grande 
No. 5-5522

No. 5-5523