Mantua’s Santa Fe “War Bonnet” Express

Mantua introduced six train sets in 1994 catalog. The boxed set releases provided a motive power selection and rolling stock only. No track and no power pack came with this series of offerings.

The Santa Fe “War Bonnet” Express (No. 940-413) included a red-and-silver F7A diesel locomotive with a Kraft 40-foot wood-side refrigerator car, DuPont single-dome tank car, RailBox 40-foot steel boxcar, and caboose. The tank car, boxcar, and caboose model toolings originated with the Lindberg HO-scale model train line in the early 1960s. The wood-side refrigerator car model was Mantua-TYCO tooling, as was the F7A diesel locomotive.

The inclusion of “War Bonnet” in quotes and presented as two words, follows the usage given by Mantua. This set came shrunk wrap in a cardboard tray with red window display boxes for each of the five items. Dealer cost was $31.60 in 1994, which meant this set retailed for approximately $50-$60.

Below you’ll see the six train sets presented in the 1994 Mantua product catalog…