Train-Miniature’s Tobacco Road series

In the 1970s, Train-Miniature released a series of HO-scale kits promoted as its “Tobacco Road” line. The popular line saw many additions and continues to receive attention today from collectors looking to acquire examples of these now-vintage boxcar kits. The model Train-Miniature used was its 40-foot double-sheathed wood boxcar. Examples vary with some releases including wood ends and others with steel ends. One of the challenges in collecting Train-Miniature’s line is the recycling of tooling into new lines, such as this Tobacco Road series, as well the companies stock numbering that saw revisions during the company’s existence from just before 1970 and into the early 1980s. This is listing and images for the known 48 Tobacco Road boxcar kits.


No. 2262


No. 2251

Between The Acts

No. 2034

Ben Franklin Cigars

No. 2038

Briggs Pipe Mixture

No. 2718

Brown’s Mule

No. 2253


No. 2226

Bull Durham

No. 2708


No. 2217

Cannon Ball

No. 2256


No. 2219


Cotton Boll Twist

No. 2259

Dutch Masters

No. 2031

El Producto

No. 2037

English Ovals

No. 2221


No. 2227


No. 2254

Five Brothers

No. 2714


No. 2710

Horse Shoe

No. 2258

House of Windsor

No. 2042

King Edwards

No. 2036

London Dock

No. 2711

Lucky Strike

No. 2216

Mail Pouch

No. 2252

Motor Virginia Cigarettes

No. 2222

Muriel Panatellas

No. 2041

Old Grand Dad

No. 2717


No. 2035

Phillip Morris

No. 2223


No. 2220

Piper Heidsieck

No. 2261

Players Navy Cut

No. 2218

Prince Albert

No. 2707

Red Man

No. 2255


No. 2033

Sir Walter Raleigh

No. 2709


No. 2257

Sugar Barrel

No. 2716

Sweet Caporal

No. 2224


No. 2225

Union Leader

No. 2712


No. 2713

WB Cut

No. 2260

White Owl

No. 2039

William Penn The Friendly Cigar

No. 2040


No. 2715

Wolf Brothers Stogies

No. 2032