TYCO’s Over & Under with Santa Fe F9A

TYCO’s 1972-73 catalog introduces The Over & Under (No. 7311) train set. This train set name appeared prior to 1972, but included a GP20 for power and a different stock number. The version featuring a Santa Fe F9A included a yellow Union Pacific gondola with culvert pipes load, green Western Maryland skid flatcar with three tractors, red Burlington hopper, green Burlington Northern 50-foot boxcar, and caboose. The 1973 catalog presents the streamline-cupola with red body and white Santa Fe lettering. For its last two catalog appearances with Santa Fe F9 power (1975-76 and 1976), the caboose is the wide-vision style with red body, white lettering, and black cupola roof. This popular set came with TYCO’s 33-pieced Bridge & Trestle Set (No. 909) and brass section track to create a 40 by 87 inch “Figure 8” layout. The F9 illustration during its 1970s appearances in this set shows the version of the shell with Farr-type radiator grilles. A 1973 TYCO Products List includes this set and shows a $45 list price. The set name returned for TYCO’s 1977 catalog with a new stock number (7315) and a Burlington Northern RF-16 Shark Nose diesel for power.