Wide-Vision Caboose

The first TYCO annual product catalog to feature the wide-vision caboose model is the company’s 1975-76 publication. In this catalog, you’ll find the wide-vision caboose featured in most every train set illustration. In separate sale “General Freight Cars” on pages 20 and 21 of the 1975-76 catalog, TYCO includes this new caboose model with three road names: Chessie System, Chattanooga, and Santa Fe. The catalog image for TYCO’s Chattanooga wide-vision caboose presents a more Spartan decoration than found on production models. The illustration shows only the Chattanooga name in white, while production models included this as well as a stripe and number 506. Examining models, you’ll discover TYCO labels this offering as “40′ Caboose” on boxes and Santa Fe releases include both “22” and “J” suffix designations for road name.

Of note, TYCO does not differentiate between this wide-vision style example and the previously released caboose with streamline cupola. All are listed with 327 stock numbering and labeled simply as “Caboose” in the catalog. The model carried a $2.50 suggested retail price in 1975 and came fully assembled. Going by TYCO catalog appearances, the Chessie System gets only one in 1975-76. The wide-vision Chattanooga and Santa Fe examples return for 1976. Paging through 1977’s catalog, you’ll find the red Santa Fe wide-vision caboose makes appearances in a number of train sets. There are no separate sale wide-vision caboose offerings present as of 1977’s catalog. The Santa Fe wide-vision caboose returns in train set illustrations only for 1978.

The short life for this caboose is likely due to it more complex design. There are more parts to TYCO’s wide-vision caboose and it could be surmised that the manufacturer went back to its common streamline caboose exclusively by the 1980s due to lower cost for it versus the wide-vision example. This tooling makes a comeback with IHC Hobby. You’ll find an assortment of road names offered for this tooling by IHC Hobby.


No. 327-15 -1975 release

Chessie System

No. 327-03 -1975 release

Santa Fe

No. 328-J -1975 release

No. 328-22 -1975 release